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Are home buyers too obsessed with Stainless Steel appliances?

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Stainless steel appliances are all the rage and an expected commodity in homes on the market, especially new homes. Older homes are also pressured to include these trendy upgrades. However, is the finish the most important thing to consider? Are stainless steel appliances better or more efficient than other new appliances? No. If history is a lesson to us, and it should be, one can look back into the kitchens of the past and also see what trends were all the rage, and most of us can use these trends to tell us exactly what decade this trend happened. Is this what will happen with Stainless steel? Should it happen? Sure. From a design standpoint, it is far more important that appliances be good quality, efficient and aesthetically pleasing but not necessarily Stainless steel. As expensive as appliances are to replace, it is unfortunate that most appliances have a relatively short lifespan. What dictates how soon an appliance needs replacing has more to do with trends than need.
American consumers have been inundated with the term "neutral" to the point they are terrified of branching out and doing what pleases them aesthetically. We all know that Stainless steel is a neutral and for many of us this takes the guess work out of design and decor. With that being said, that doesn't mean you have to remove all of your personality and love of color from a space. Enter the term "Open concept." The term "open concept" typically means a room that is open to other rooms, however this design feature also "closed" a few doors along the way. As design migrated to take down walls, and open kitchens up to family rooms, it became necessary to make these open spaces flow with one another. Unfortunately it meant stripping many kitchens of their personality along the way. Over done design in the name of making everything match is being seen everywhere and many consumer is being told to "like" this look.

If you are frustrated with trying to tap dance to what the trends are, don't fret. Use common sense and a practical approach based on your current and future needs. If you aren't selling your home in the next five years, buy and replace appliances that suit your budget, not what a designer on television tells you to buy. New appliances are always an upgrade, and there are times when other colors make more sense than "stainless steel." Case and point, white kitchens are statistically the most desired kitchen aesthetic in the US. White appliances will do just fine in this design. Perhaps your kitchen has a lot of woods, and black granite? Well by all means get black appliances if you so choose. Most non stainless steel appliances are less expensive and as I mentioned before, new appliances are always an upgrade, and that is the most important aspect.
Don't be surprised to see new trends coming on the horizon, there may be bronze and copper appliances in the future. Not to mention more "kits" that will allow for you to disguise your appliances to be another finish.
Remember to make yourself happy and the decor will always be a hit in your home. You don't have to get caught up in what others tell you to do. Seek inspiration for color through out the internet and soon you will discover some of the most attractive and creative design schemes that work are far from the "norm."
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