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Questions from my readers: Where did I go wrong with my grey room?

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Dear Dawn,
of all I really enjoyed your blog on interior decorating. Here is my question. I read your article about "grey" being the new "beige" and thought it'd be a great color for my bedroom. So I went and painted it "grey". Now it looks blah and sort of "institutional". Where did I go wrong?
Thanks for your help,

Dear Bethany,
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my articles on interior decorating. First let me say that while "grey" is currently a popular neutral, it is just like every other neutral, a little bland on its own. Its really the accent colors that make or break a neutral in the home. Grey is a nice soft color but to make it come alive it needs a few lively friends in the room. There are a few accent colors that naturally look great with grey. Those colors are chocolate brown, black, and bright white. These all compliment grey very well and look best as trim, wood finishes and furnishings and decorative accents.
First, lets take a look at trim, although your trim work in the room is white or light colored, it probably could use a fresh coat of white. I'd go with a satin or even a high gloss bright white. Next family photos and artwork on the walls look great if they are framed out in black or chocolate colored contemporary frames. You'd be surprised how sharp these contrasting colors look with grey. Great choices for metal accents is Pewter, or brushed Nickel or Oil rubbed Bronze. By adding bold and bright contrasts to your newly painted grey room you will see a room transformed into a posh, sleek and anything but "institutional" design.  For more information please see: Grey, the new Beige in home decor, Good luck!


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